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Since 2013, we offer some of the finest hops on the market, both in Canada and the U.S. Growing and harvesting hops, is a true passion in our family. 

We planted our first hop plants in 2010. Three years later,
we were harvesting our very first crop and now, twelve years later, we are very
proud to own 32 000 plants, on our 32 acres farm in St-Edouard, near Quebec city, Canada. Add to this the partnership with our friends from B.C. and the small 2 acres « satellite farm », located in the Canadian east coast which give us access to a total of 66 000 plants of premium plants.

Our plants are grown on a zone 3 and 5 which is the ideal soil for the plant to grow, reach maturity and produce the best hop cones with very high alpha acid. 

We place our poles into the ground with a cable attached along
the top of the poles and down the wide rows. Each of the cables has two strings
allocated to each plant.

The strings are tied at the head of the cable at one end and
solidified into the ground right next to a plant at the other end. Check out
our monthly Blog to discover
more about hops production.

From aromatic to bittering hops, we offer 45 hop varieties to
help you brew your favorite ale, lager, tropical fruit India Pale Ale, DIPA, DDH IPA or basically your
favorite beer style, for a perfect craft beer.  


Box full of super fresh Crystal Hops from Duke25