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Phantasm Thiol Powder 2022

Phantasm Thiol Powder 2022

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PHANTASM Thiol Powder 2022  🇳🇿

From New Zealand Farms straight to our farm!

Phantasm is a powder made from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes. They are exceptionally rich in Thiol precursors, which when added correctly to a fermenting wort/beer, unlocks rich, strong tropical fruit aromas.

14 - 28 grams per 3.5 liters (0.5 - 1 oz per gallon), usually added during active fermentation. Usage rates vary depending on yeast selection, hop selection, and when Phantasm is added. 1-2 pounds per barrel (1.2 Hectoliter)

Suggested yeast strains:  Lunar Crush and Helio Gazer